Volunteer to Become a Hero at our Nationwide charity

Volunteer Speaker - Volunteer Work in Toms River, NJ
At Hometown Heroes, we truly appreciate those that can volunteer their services and monetary donations. Many would be surprised to hear that statistically, one person donates for every 20 people in need.

As a national charity, we strive to provide a platform for those in our community to step up and join our heroes program. When you join with us, you can help Hometown Heroes foster an environment of generosity, goodwill, and encouragement by helping those in need within your community.


You Can Be a Hero Too!

Whether you are looking to volunteer your professional services to our community, or if you simply want to see how you can help us. We are looking for you! Fill out our contact form and call us today! When you sign up to be a hero, you will be called on because of your unique set of skills and abilities.

Our services are provided in three different ways: financial, professional services, and advocacy. The professional assistance part is where we call upon you! When you sign up, you will let us know what your special capabilities are, and how you will be able to be a hero with us.

Major Contributor

By becoming a major contributor, you will enjoy each and every one of the benefits that comes with being a sustaining member, with much, much more. Additionally, you will be able to display your name or organizations name on our website, and our publication at our annual gala.


As a Hometown Heroes Volunteer, you will be added to our list of wonderful volunteers. From this list, we will call upon you for your unique skills and events fitting. As a part of our family, we will always keep you up to date and in the loop on the ins and outs of Hometown Heroes.

Sustaining Member

By contributing a yearly monetary donation of $30, you will help Hometown Heroes continue on our mission to help those in need. With your donation, you will be given a Hometown Heroes shirt and pin. You can wear these items to proudly let those around you know that you are a part of out family as a hero.